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January 15, 2018: Munchkin Musings: January 2018

Munchkin Musings

Welcome back, Munchkin fans! Hope everyone had a good break for the holidays and a fun, safe New Year celebration.

January is going to be a busy month here at Munchkin HQ. The biggest thing we're working on is the run-up to the Munchkin Collectible Card Game release in February (!!!). We're sending our team all over the country (countries, actually, as Rhea's heading to Toronto) to demo the game and talk to retailers about what to expect. We'll also be showing it off at PAX South in San Antonio, so come down to Texas for the margaritas and kolaches but stay for the monsters and loot! (Or vice versa . . . but, really, don't skip the kolaches.) Make sure to tell your Friendly Local Game Store that you want the game, and preorder it now if you want to be extra sure of getting a copy in the first wave; we already have two reprints in the works because of the demand!

Speaking of the CCG, we'll be working hard on the second expansion, Fashion Furious, as well as starting to playtest the third expansion, which we aren't yet ready to name publicly. We're even starting the framework for our second season of the Collectible Card Game, which will be coming in 2019.

In addition to that, I've been reviewing USAopoly's first Munchkin title for 2018, and it's a good one. I'm very excited to see the reactions when this one gets announced. It'll be one of several big announcements this year, so stay tuned!

Of course, we have our own Munchkin projects this year, starting with Munchkin Magical Mess this month. Come find out what Moop has been up to! (Spoiler alert: he's still mashing up monsters and Treasures to make awful, terrible jokes. Or maybe that was me.)

That's it for now; I have to dash back to the desk and get cracking on several things intended for later this year or even next year. Keep your eyes open for a bunch of great Munchkin news coming in the next several months!

-- Andrew Hackard

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