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January 16, 2015: Get Stronger With Limitations

GURPS Power-Ups 8: Limitations

GURPS makes it easy to craft awesome abilities and design the character of your imagination. But sometimes you need a little more assistance to get your hero just right. Limitations can help, scaling back too-powerful gifts to better fit the campaign, provide hooks for story possibilities, or just to get desired abilities a few character points cheaper. GURPS Power-Ups 8: Limitations can help you do all that as it expands on the GURPS Basic Set.

This supplement collects all of the limitations introduced since the Basic Set, re-examines existing limitations, provides insight on pricing or adjudicating new limitations, and other tricks of the trade. Written by GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements mastermind Jason "PK" Levine, Power-Ups 8: Limitations is your one-stop shop for finding the power in your limitations. And it's a download away, only from Warehouse 23!

-- Steven Marsh

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