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January 20, 2018: Rhea Unboxes Munchkin Starfinder!

Our Munchkin Starfinder preorders have officially closed, meaning that we're now well into the manufacturing of the game . . . and all of those fantastic accessories and expansions that were unlocked as part of the Kickstarter project. To streamline delivery of the game and keep our catalog manageable, many of the Munchkin Starfinder accessories will not be released individually into distribution. Instead, the I Want It All! box - the same box Rhea opened and explored in last week's Facebook video - will be offered to distributors and retailers late this year. Kickstarter backers can expect to receive the game months before the distribution release!

What's in the box? Check out the video and you'll see exactly how much Munchkin Starfinder fun was unlocked during the Kickstarter project.


-- Phil Reed

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