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January 21, 2018: Crowdfunding Focus: The Conjurer's Almanaq


Can you escape the book? That's the premise of The Conjurer's Almanaq, currently funding on Kickstarter. Continuing recent years' popular trend in escape rooms, this is essentially an escape room in book form. And it's not the first; this is a companion or sequel to The Librarian's Almanaq, a book with a similar premise.

I personally have become a big fan of escape rooms, despite not being the best at puzzles. Solving something on my own isn't as enticing, but solving puzzles as a group is a really fun activity, something you can do at your home without having to spend a fortune. The project is already funded, with more stretch goals being unlocked by savvy puzzle fans. Check it out if you want to tease your brain! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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