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January 23, 2006: OwlCon

On Saturday, February 11, I will be at OwlCon, a game convention at my alma mater, Rice University in Houston. If you're in the neighborhood, come see me! I'll be doing my usual dog and pony show, for moderate values of "dog" and "pony" - I'll have some new things to playtest, I'll babble about what's coming up, I'll answer some questions and avoid others fnord, and so on.

It's a three-day convention, but Saturday will be my only day there. However, that's ALL DAY Saturday, giving me lots of time to show off new stuff, talk, listen, play games . . . And oh, yes . . . Last time I was at Rice, I saw a Segway in one of the Engineering offices. I am SO hoping I'll get a chance to ride it . . . Feel free to point and laugh; that seems only fair.
-- Steve Jackson

PS - But NEXT weekend I'll be on the other side of the Atlantic . . . Thursday I'll be signing at Leisure Games in London, Friday through Sunday I'll be at Warpcon in Cork.

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