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January 25, 2006: Playtest Call: In Nomine Superiors: Asmodeus

This is a call for playtesters for In Nomine Superiors: Asmodeus, the latest in the successful e23 series. Those who desire to be in on the playtest must send email to In Nomine Line Editor Beth McCoy at arcangel@io.com with [ASMODEUS] in the subject line and the following information in the text:
  • Pyramid username (see e23 to subscribe to Pyramid)
  • e23 username (if it's different from the Pyramid one)
  • The email address you want to use for the playtest
  • The name you want to use for playtest credit, if any
  • And finally, a brief explanation of why you should be on the list.
We would also like to know which of the following you prefer:
  • HTML
  • Word documents
  • RTF
  • Plain text
  • More than one of the above
The Line Editor reserves the right to refuse playtest access at her evil, sadistic whim. (Though she usually has a reason for it, and hopes that it will not be necessary.) Failing to follow the instructions will attract the evil sadism.

The call for playtesters will remain open until Sunday, Jan. 29.

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