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January 31, 2011: The Power Of Faith

GURPS Powers: Divine Favor Space Gamer #56 Fiction is filled with characters who wield supernatural abilities granted to them by beings that can only be described as "divine." As it is in our stories, so shall it be in our games!

GURPS Powers: Divine Favor is the source of mountain-moving advantages for clerics, holy men, and those touched by the gods. Need an adventurer whose primary schtick is his connection to divinity? No problem -- start with Divine Favor (a new advantage) and then fill his character sheet with learned prayers. How about a cult leader with a couple of unholy surprises up his voluminous robe's sleeves? Fit him with something appropriate from the "Minor Miracles" section. Tired of playing fantasy clerics that are nothing more than a wizard with a holy symbol? This is the book you need!

Divine Favor was written by Jason 'PK' Levine, the GURPS Assistant Line Editor. If you know Jason's work, you know his blend of GURPS expertise and creativity consistently make outstanding gaming material. If you don't, rest assured that anyone who works as closely with Sean Punch as Jason does knows his GURPS, and when he puts pen to paper (an analogy that increasingly shows one's age), it's worth the read.

e23 also uploaded Space Gamer #56, a cornucopia of news and reviews from 1982, with a meaty center of gaming articles focusing on SF, sci-fi, or science fiction -- however you like to spell it.

-- Paul Chapman

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