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January 31, 2020: Small Gifts For The Love Of Your Life

Munchkin ValentinesMunchkin PrincessesMunckhin Love Shark BabyValentine's Day is coming up in a couple of weeks, and we know some of you need a little help in the shopping department. (Seriously, power tools ARE NOT appropriate unless you are absolutely certain they will be appreciated!) Luckily, we've got the hookup for all of you love-befuddled gamers.

First is an obvious choice: Munchkin Love Shark Baby! It includes 15 cards themed for the only holiday dedicated to romance. Illustrated by Katie Cook, you won't find cuter death anywhere!

For those with a penchant for royalty, we have Munchkin Princesses. Our princesses are gender-nonspecific, making them perfect for a couple who hates to share the throne.

Another timely suggestion: Munchkin Valentines! Each package comes with five valentines and envelopes and five small packs of Munchkin cards that fit inside the envelopes. Share the love!

Get these at your Friendly Local Game Store or right here from Warehouse 23. Check 'em out!

-- Andrew Hackard

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