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July 3, 2022: One Roll Chronicles, A Rules-Lite RPG Adventure Now On Kickstarter

As mentioned last month (Daily Illuminator post here), we've created an expansion for Steve's One Roll Quest roleplaying game. One Roll Quest is an extremely light roleplaying game, with the core system centered around the roll of the single die included with the game. A lot of the action comes from the interaction of the players and their storytelling skills. One Roll Chronicles greatly expands on the storytelling possibilities by including several prompts that the players may turn to when playing the game.

How does the game work? Each player (one to five in total) takes one of the character cards, and then the die is rolled . . . once! You then follow the prompts included in the game to tell the story of your adventure. One Roll Chronicles is similar, except that there are nine different encounters, and you'll roll the die at the start of each encounter. The game is so quick and light that we're describing it as "the game you play BEFORE the game you play before the game you're playing that night." Yeah, it's as quick and silly as you think it is.

The One Roll Chronicles Kickstarter campaign comes to a close on Monday, July11, and offers both digital and print editions of the core game and the adventure. (The DIY edition of the game requires you to provide six different six-sided dice, each in a different color, to play the game.)

-- Phil Reed

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