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July 25, 2022: Radiation And Biohazard Dice Sets Now Available



Sometimes, the stresses and frustrations of the world lead to missing the little things. Whether you forget where you placed your keys, can't remember whether or not you locked the door, or completely missed game night, all of us run into problems on occasion.

As an example, please consider the fate of two of our dice sets that were offered on a handful of crowdfunding campaigns over the last year. Both the Radiation d6 Dice Set and Biohazard d6 Dice Set should have been available on our online store, Warehouse 23, for months now . . . but we forgot.

Fortunately, we have you to help us catch these mistakes.

Thank you, Matthew, for the email. Without your message, there is no way to know how much longer we would have neglected opening these sets up for sale.

If you have been waiting for something we released through crowdfunding that hasn't been listed for sale at Warehouse 23, please feel free to email me. We have a lot on our minds lately, and every now and then something falls between the cracks.

-- Phil Reed

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