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July 7, 2020: Talking GURPS At ENWorld!

As the GURPS 2020 PDF Challenge moves closer to the deadline, we continue to share the project with the world in the hopes that we alert as many GURPS players as possible to this incredible bargain before it is too late.

Yesterday, at ENWorld, Sean and I were interviewed by Egg Embry. In addition to discussing the many PDFs that were created for this campaign, we also spend time on the project's background and even touch on how the company has been reacting to the global pandemic. It's always a treat to get the chance to chat with Egg, and I personally appreciate him (and Morrus, the site's owner) investing his own time in sharing our project with the world.

You can read the interview here and then, after that, you can still join the Kickstarter campaign before it closes.

-- Phil Reed

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