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July 9, 2020: GURPS On Demand Update

With dozens of classic and Fourth Edition books now available, our GURPS On Demand program has become one of the best resources for GURPS players looking to replace ragged and battered copies of print books. Rather than pay after-market prices for what may be a less-than-stellar copy of an out-of-print book, you can visit our GURPS On Demand page and place an order for a print-on-demand reprint. 

Better still, the Amazon print-on-demand system makes it much easier for many of you outside of the United States to order these print-on-demand reprints without paying the ever-increasing cost of shipping. As much as we wish that we didn't have to charge more and more each year for international shipping, the reality is that postage costs are a terrible nightmare that all of us must deal with. This is one way to attack the problem.

Check out the GURPS On Demand page for a list of all of the available titles!

-- Phil Reed

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