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July 8, 2004: Price Cuts

We have reduced the price of two recent boxed games: Illuminati: Crime Lords and Dork Tower. Both of these games will now list at $29.95.

Both these games have a lot of expensive components. Dork Tower in particular is the fanciest boardgame we've ever produced. We gave ourselves a standard markup, and the feedback from the people who bought them was that they’d gotten their money’s worth. But retailers told us that in the current economy a lot of people just couldn’t afford to try them. So we’re cutting Illuminati: Crime Lords by $5, and Dork Tower by $10.

That shoots the profit margin, but having more people playing them is better than leaving them on the shelf.

This also tells me “No more boardgames over $29.95 until the economy gets better, no matter how much stuff we put in them.”

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