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July 15, 2009: e23 Totals for Q2 2009

Another quarter has flown by, and that makes it time to recap the releases of our favorite digital retailer, e23. Here's the brand-new items:

The grand total is 9 releases, with a total of 564 pages. The year-to-date page count is now up to 971 pages over 19 products. That's nearly 80% of last year's total, and we're only halfway through!

We only uploaded four products from the GURPS Classic line -- GURPS Classic: Mars, GURPS Classic: Traveller: Starports, GURPS Dragons, and Transhuman Space Classic: Under Pressure -- but not every quarter can be GM's Day, can it?

And there was one digital release that didn't make it onto e23:  the Munchkin Level Counter for the iPhone. That's right -- our first Munchkin app has hit the Apple store. Keep track of your level, and get a Boon once per game! That's right: a new way to get a cheat-ish boost in Munchkin. Like you needed another one . . .

-- Paul Chapman

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