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July 15, 2023: The Isle Of Sedra: Funded And Ends Today!

Gaming Ballistic is in the last day for the Infinite Archipelago: The Isle of Sedra. The campaign funded (yay!) and we're in the home stretch. The campaign could use more support to help drive additional development for future products . . . like the neighboring Isle of Elazar (home to Dark Lord's Doom and other adventures).

Isle of Sedra

The Infinite Archipelago seeks to bring easily importable setting material into Cidri for The Fantasy Trip. This setting and supporting adventures by David Pulver feature:

  • The Sedra Sourcebook. The preview image shows the main map, with geography, political boundaries, important NPCs and factions, and monsters all given inspirational treatment, with plenty of room for your own adventures. Minimum 32 pages (likely more).
  • Monster Hunter Belladonna. The lethal Belladonna returns, a new member of the Duke of Thorns' Monster Hunters' Guild. Don the red cloak of the Guild as Bella herself or your own monster-hunting heroes. 40-page solo/programmed adventure.
  • The Scorpion Labyrinth. Beneath the town of Tamuz, on the edge of the Red Desert, an innkeeper finds a long-lost door to an ancient ruin. What trouble lies beyond the door? He doesn't want to find out . . . so he's hiring you! 28 pages.
Also features Decks of Destiny-style cards – at least 100 cards – for the new material. If you're new to The Fantasy Trip, or missed some of the older projects, there are starter sets and package deals available.
Gaming Ballistic would appreciate your support on this project. Hopefully, for the 400 folks following but not yet backing, that's a pledge. But it could easily be sharing the campaign in your favorite RPG forums! A nod from a fan carries more weight than a shout-out from the creator.
Please act now to get it before time runs out.
If you need a little more convincing, check out these reviews by James Eisert at Castle Archon of both The Scorpion Labyrinth and Monster Hunter Belladonna:

-- Douglas Cole

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