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July 1, 2004:
Not long after you read this, we'll know whether Cassini made it through the ring plane and into orbit . . . Crossing our fingers! . . . read article

July 2, 2004:
Hey, kids, got the summer blues? The CIA isn't the only one with a kids' page to keep you busy . . . read article

July 3, 2004:
NASA has posted a movie showing Titan's rotation. Now that's freaking cool . . . read article

July 4, 2004:
About six months ago, our elected representatives here in the United States were congratulating themselves on their solution to the spam problem. Meanwhile, back in the real world, anti-spam vendor Commtouch recently reported that the U.S. was responsible for 55.69% of all spam in June, and global spam has increased 42% since the "Yes! . . . read article

July 5, 2004:
We celebrated Independence Day in proper style . . . pyromaniacally. On Saturday the 3rd we had an office party in honor of GURPS Fourth Edition going to press . . . read article

July 6, 2004:
Well, we all enjoyed a long weekend (some longer than others), but the SJ Games offices are back open for business. Please let everyone catch up on their phone messages and e-mail (and, grrr, spam) . . . it may take us a day or two before we get back to you . . . read article

July 7, 2004:
The standard version, that is. If the deluxe edition was too rich for your blood . . . or if you don't plan to let anyone TOUCH your copy without gloves . . . you can pre-order the standard GURPS Basic Set now . . . read article

July 8, 2004:
We have reduced the price of two recent boxed games: Illuminati: Crime Lords and Dork Tower. Both of these games will now list at $29.95 . . . read article

July 9, 2004:
At 7 p.m. Central time, Sean "Dr . . . read article

July 10, 2004:
Hippies are congesting the ley lines in England. It turns out everything is twice as big as we thought . . . read article

July 11, 2004:
Battlefield Press' Sherwood d20 campaign setting, written by Wil Upchurch, is being playtested on Pyramid. This playtest just started and will last for several months, so there is plenty of time to make suggestions and corrections. Pyramid subscribers should see the discussion groups for details . . . read article

July 12, 2004:
In the never-ending quest for excessive computing power, the world's only (we hope) Furbeowulf Cluster uses other commonly available processors in parallel . . . read article

July 13, 2004:
I'm leaving Wednesday to be a gaming guest at DexCon 7, in the wilds of Newark, New Jersey. I went to their convention last January (yes, January in Newark -- it was cold), and they were very hospitable and put on a fine show . . . read article

July 14, 2004:
I spent the weekend at the Puzzle Pirates party in San Francisco. Truly huge fun . . . read article

July 15, 2004:
Steve Jackson Games announces the following releases for November, 2004: Burn in Hell Cleopatra. Blackbeard . . . read article

July 16, 2004:
Graveyard Greg, writer for Gaming Guardians (among other webcomics), will be chatting tonight at 7 p.m. (CDT) in Pyramid's Auditorium . . . read article

July 17, 2004:
Get this: The Lunar Federation is attempting to sell plots of land on the moon. That's crazy talk, as we have already told you the Lunar Embassy is doing it . . . read article

July 18, 2004:
Indeed. Proofs for the GURPS Basic Set are occupying almost every flat surface in my living room . . . read article

July 19, 2004:
Mia Sherman has been my assistant for - gee, quite a while. Friday was her last day . . . read article

July 20, 2004:
On July 20, 1969 -- 35 years ago today -- human beings first set foot on the moon, part of the Apollo 11 mission. Now NASA has created an archive of pictures and other data from the Apollo project . . . read article

July 21, 2004:
So I just saw this film, and I'm recommending it. Right, right, Mister Big Film Critic, I'm not . . . read article

July 22, 2004:
I just got back from the Alamo Drafthouse, an institution which used to be unique to Austin but is now spreading . . . which is good. The basic formula is "Show quirky films and serve people dinner while they watch." Great formula . . . read article

July 23, 2004:
Philip J. Reed, creator of Frag, vs Monsters, and lots of other nifty stuff, will be speaking tonight in the Pyramid Chat . . . read article

July 24, 2004:
The following are shipping from our warehouse to distributors around the world right now, more or less. Look for them in a game store near you in the very near future: Munchkin Blender Stir Things Up! . . . read article

July 25, 2004:
Look, when an Ogre Mark VI shows up in the field outside the main offices and politely requests that the miniature version of itself be sold again, are you about to say no? Neither were we . . . read article

July 26, 2004:
Like the crossword puzzle in the Sunday New York Times, it's about time someone sat down long enough to interpret the mystic symbols in fields and connect them to global plots to manipulate mankind . . . read article

July 27, 2004:
Saturday night (and Sunday morning) I attended a "Rolling Roadshow" sponsored by SJ Games' favorite theater, the Alamo Drafthouse. (And by SJ Games' favorite, I mean my favorite.) . . . read article

July 28, 2004:
Woot! Kira has made several new desktop backgrounds (aka "wallpaper") - the Eye in the Pyramid in three colors, and several of the INWO logos, too . . . read article

July 29, 2004:
More reportage from the Alamo Drafthouse . . . Friday night I went to a packed showing of Wizard People, Dear Reader . . . read article

July 30, 2004:
Wednesday night I drove up to Crawford, Texas, with our shipping clerk, John Northrup, to attend the big outdoor screening of Fahrenheit 9/11, billed as "Michael Moore's movie in Bush's back yard!" Well, we weren't exactly in Bush's back yard; in fact, we were in a big parking area next to the Crawford football stadium. Organizers of the event claimed about 5,000 attendees; this news story claims about 1,000 . . . read article

July 31, 2004:
Thanks to Devin Ganger for bringing this site to my attention. The CSS Zen Garden is devoted to exploring all the possibilities of CSS (cascading style sheets) . . . read article

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