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July 29, 2012: BattleTech Comes To Warehouse 23!

BattleTechA Universe at War: It's the 31st Century and we as a species have colonized the stars. But now, due to greed and the worst parts of human nature, the entirety of human-occupied space is caught up in an unending war.

It is a time of political intrigue between the various empires that rule the galaxies. Spies and assassins are everywhere. Merchants, mercenaries, and other less-scrupulous entrepreneurs seek to exploit opportunities brought about by the conflicts, as elite MechWarriors pilot three-story tall BattleMechs into the fray, gunning for glory in the name of their factions.

How will you leave your mark on humanity?

Brought to you by Catalyst Game Labs, we are now carrying books and accessories for the BattleTech miniatures game, as well as the BattleTech RPG, A Time of War. Check them out at Warehouse 23 lest you be forgotten by future history!

-- Andreas Stein

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