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June 29, 2012: Who's My Guide This Summer Vacation? Conan!

GURPS Classic: Conan Beyond Thunder River

As we mentioned a few days ago, we at SJ Games will be taking our summer break soon. That leaves me with a week to relax, unwind, and search for adventure. And who better to help out with this last one than Conan of Cimmeria?

Over at e23 we've rereleased PDF versions of all five classic GURPS titles featuring the world-famous barbarian. As a fun experiment, I had the idea of playing through the four adventures in the order of Conan's personal timeline (based on the appendix of GURPS Classic: Conan). Based on the character-creation information from each of these awesome adventures, that leaves my plan along the lines of:

Of course, that assumes my hero will survive each step of the way . . . but if Conan could survive encounters with the Snow Devil, the Zarkheba River ruins, barbarian Picts, and the powerful shaman Zogar Sag, my guy has a shot, right? Maybe?

-- Steven Marsh

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