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July 29, 2023: Party Like A Roman With Caligula

Nunc est bibendum!* That may have originally come from a Roman ode, but we think it's fitting for our latest Kickstarter. Caligula is an adult party game inspired by Nomic and Quarters that involves making laws and tricking other players into breaking them. If a player violates a law, they have to pay a penalty with coins . . . or by taking a drink. Two special roles – the Fool and the Arbiter – add to the fun. Players can win by becoming richer than everyone else combined, or by a general consensus. 
We have some fun stretch goals for Caligula that can help enhance your play experience:
  • If we reach $5,000, we'll unlock a set of eight coasters and add them to pledges of $25 or more. Featuring the emperor on one side and the game's basic rule set on the other, these coasters are a great way to keep your furniture tidy and the rules close at hand.
  • At $8,000, we'll unlock a Caligula shot glass featuring the emperor himself as illustrated by Munchkin artist Len Peralta. This shot glass is made of clear glass, rather than plastic or ceramic, and makes for a nifty display piece when not in use. This shot glass will also be added to pledges of $25 or more.
The campaign for Caligula runs through August 10, so be sure to pledge soon!

-- Katie Duffy

*Now is the time for drinking! 


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