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June 3, 2006: GURPS Martial Arts Playtesters Needed!

GURPS Martial Arts is the GURPS Fourth Edition guide to fightin' 'round the world, by Peter Dell'Orto and Sean Punch. It contains entire chapters on martial-arts history, martial artists as PCs, combat techniques, optional combat rules, martial-arts styles, weapons, and running martial-arts campaigns. The Third Edition treatment of the subject was certainly inspirational, but this isn't a revision -- it's a completely new book. Important changes include a total rethinking of which moves in combat should qualify as techniques and which should be options for any fighter, a radical redefinition of martial-arts styles, and a more determined effort to present arts from all times and places. Armed or unarmed, cinematic or realistic, combat or sport, modern or historical . . . Martial Arts should fit the bill.

We will conduct the Martial Arts playtest on a closed mailing list between June 12 and July 21, 2006. Only Pyramid subscribers are eligible to participate, and list membership is limited to 40 people. Interested parties should write to Sean Punch (please use this link, and note that the subject line must read "[MA] Playtest" or the application won't be accepted). Applications should be brief: name, e-mail address, Pyramid user ID, a short sentence on your experience with GURPS, and an equally brief sentence on your experience with the martial arts (if any). We need both martial artists and non-martial artists, so don't be shy. Our only biases will be toward people who are clearly conversant with the Fourth Edition rules and those who demonstrate an ability to follow these instructions to the letter. Please note that as we anticipate many replies, we cannot respond to individual applications.

Interested but not a Pyramid subscriber? Subscribe today!
-- Sean Punch

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