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June 7, 2016: Munchkin Comic Posters Free While Supplies Last!

Munchkin Comic Poster Munchkin Comic Poster

Have you been cutting pages out of your Munchkin comics to decorate your domicile? No? That's just me? Well, now you can spruce up your walls with Munchkin comic posters, for FREE! Yes, that's right, free! And not just one, but TWO posters! Starting now, while supplies last, when you order any Munchkin Guest Artist Edition game or Munchkin comic from Warehouse 23, you will get both the Spyke and the Flower poster thrown in. That's two for the price of one, which was nothing, so it's zero dollars. Did I mention they were free?

Adorn your bedroom, cubicle, sitting room, veranda, or even aviary with the art of Mike Luckas. When they're gone, they're gone, so order soon! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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