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June 10, 2011: There Can Be Only One

Munchkin! Actually, there will be three "First Place" awards in our Munchkin Webcomic Contest -- Best Published Before the Contest, Best Published During the Contest, and Best by Popular Vote. The first two are being voted on by our trusty volunteer squads, the Men In Black. The last one is taking votes from everyone, including you!

That's right, all you need to do to cast your vote is click here, follow the links to the comics, and have a few laughs. I won't say which are my favorites, but I will admit to several "laugh out loud" moments.

The list of webcomics participating in the contest is here, recorded for posterity, but the voting will end on June 15, next Wednesday. We'll take votes until noon (Austin time) on that day, and will contact the winners quickly after that.

Thank you to all the webcomic creators for incorporating Munchkin into your works!

-- Paul Chapman

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