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June 21, 2011: Origins This Week; Vacation Next!

Fourth of July Chibi Is it time for Origins already? I swear we just finished with the holidays a minute ago, and now we're kicking off the summer convention season.

If you're in the Columbus, Ohio, area this weekend, head over to the convention center and start your summer properly. Marvel at the detailed dioramas (my favorite was always the skygalleons), find a new favorite in the piles of boardgames available for borrowing, and the exhibit hall . . . oh, the exhibit hall. Games both new and long out of print can be found, which makes it a very dangerous place for someone like me, who needs just that one expansion to complete the collection. (Note that "one" is a moving target.)

Attendees also get to vote on the Origins Awards. We have a horse -- two, actually: Zombie Dice in the Best Family, Party or Children's Game category and Cthulhu Dice Bag in the Best Gaming Accessory category -- in this race, so we'll point you to the list and say "let the best game (or accessory, or game-related publication) win!"

Sadly, I won't be attending, but we have a swarm of our Men In Black running a little of everything. Here at Steve Jackson Games HQ we'll be putting the last touches on a dozen different things, sending them off to print, then taking a week off.

I mentioned our traditional break last week, so don't look so surprised. Remember: everyone will be out of the office, so e-mail and voicemail will wait until after July 4th to be dealt with; Warehouse 23 won't be shipping orders, although e23 will still be delivering your digital download (electronic pixies work 24/7); and customer service for both stores will be "on hold" until we return. We'll be resting up for the mind-blowing experiences that are GenCon and PAX Prime in August.

Go check out Origins if you're in the Ohio area (a Day Pass will only cost you $5, and will let you see the exhibit hall and the open gaming area) . . . and get your last-minute Fourth of July orders in. What's a fireworks show without a Chibithulhu with a firecracker on its tummy?

-- Paul Chapman

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