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June 10, 2017: Say Hello To New Warehouse Manager Philip Villarreal!

Philip Villarreal

Hi, there! I guess this is where I introduce myself. My name is Philip Villarreal, and I am the new Warehouse 23 Manager for Steve Jackson Games.

I grew up in a small town near Houston, TX, where everyone knew everyone, and recently graduated from Texas State University (eat 'em up, cats!) with a degree in Management. I've been in the retail industry just about my entire working career, and am looking forward to working with all the awesome people here at Steve Jackson Games.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing boardgames, tabletop games, and miniature games; DMing for my RPG group; or playing whichever new video game has caught my interest. I also eat way too much pizza. Seriously, I could have pizza just about every day. 

-- Philip Villarreal

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