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June 16, 2011: We Love Dice

Steve and Phil enjoy dice. I'll be completely honest with you guys: I want to design and release a lot of dice. An insane number of dice. More dice than any one company should ever even consider manufacturing. And I don't just mean manufacturing millions of a single die. No, I'm talking about releasing so many different dice designs that we have at least one or two new dice every single week. Yeah, an insane number of dice.

But that's not exactly what we're focusing on these days. Still, even though we're making mainly card and board games we haven't done a terrible job at releasing dice. Over roughly the last year we've released (or announced):

Zombie Dice - I would tell you all about this one, but it's easier just to direct you to the online demo and let you learn for yourself how much fun it can be to scream "Brrraaaiiiinnnnnsssss!"

Cthulhu Dice - This is really a chance to cheat. Why? Because the die color has no impact on game play, so we can keep changing the colors on the ones we ship. By the end of this year you'll be able to own a total of eleven different Cthulhu Dice colors. And just wait until you see color #13!

Munchkin Jumbo d6 - Seven different colors of massive, illustrated dice for use with Munchkin.

Assorted Munchkin Six-Sided Dice - Besides the different colors appearing in the different core Munchkin sets, we've also released two sets of dice with the same design. That's a lot of Munchkin dice that you can use with the upcoming dice bag. We haven't announced that yet? Okay, forget I said anything about a dice bag.

And over the next couple of months we'll be announcing more dice, including a new dice game and more Munchkin dice. What's coming in 2012? More dice!

-- Phil Reed

PS from SJ - Hey, Roll2Play and Uniique, check out my cool shirt . . .

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