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June 1, 2006:
With Steve out of the office for a few weeks, Warehouse 23 has been running a series of sales and combining them with a daily prize drawing! Our fourth mini-sale is: The Discworld RPG and Discworld Also . . . read article

June 2, 2006:
The good folks at Devir Livraria -- who publish the Portuguese edition of GURPS -- have graciously invited me to be their guest at the XIV Encontro Internacional de RPG in São Paulo on July 1-2. That's just a month from now! . . . read article

June 3, 2006:
GURPS Martial Arts is the GURPS Fourth Edition guide to fightin' 'round the world, by Peter Dell'Orto and Sean Punch. It contains entire chapters on martial-arts history, martial artists as PCs, combat techniques, optional combat rules, martial-arts styles, weapons, and running martial-arts campaigns . . . read article

June 4, 2006:
I know. I'm a bad Steve . . . read article

June 5, 2006:
Sure, at first blush it looks like someone's harping on the oil companies again, but fear not: Unity of Being, for all its title is worth, seems to dislike everybody pretty equally. We're all being deluded by this faction of the conspiracy or the other, after all . . . read article

June 6, 2006:
Today is the unholiest day of the millenium. That's right, June 6th, 2006 - or 6/6/06! . . . read article

June 7, 2006:
This time, Edvardas Vaisvila has brought GURPS Lite to Lithuania. Or maybe he's brought Lithuania to GURPS Lite . . . read article

June 8, 2006:
Our new Art Director, Will Schoonover, has been in the office for a couple of weeks, but this is the first chance we've had to get a good photo of him. Here's how he describes himself: I worked as a radio producer and DJ, most recently in my hometown, Kansas City . . . read article

June 9, 2006:
Whether you're a Puzzle Pirates fan, or just want to read some intelligent observations on the state of gaming, especially MMPORGs, you might enjoy Captain Cleaver's new blog . . . read article

June 10, 2006:
Ever wondered where all those old bones came from? Well, yeah, from dinosaurs; we meant after the lizards were done with them . . . read article

June 11, 2006:
Transhuman Space fans have known about this cool program for quite a while, but I just noticed it this week. Celestia is a free downloadable which allows you to fly through the solar system, and watch the planets and moon orbit . . . read article

June 12, 2006:
On May 22, the Children's Museum of Indianapolis unveiled their newest addition to their Dinosphere exhibit: Dracorex hogwartsia. Apparently, the skull of this member of the pachycephalosaur family has an unusually smooth forehead, which, when combined with the long muzzle and spiky horns, give this little guy a distinctively dragonish appearance. The homage to Harry Potter's school was a natural fit . . . read article

June 13, 2006:
One of the perks of the new building is a spiffy conference room. In the old building, we would usually meet in SJ's office, which made any meetings without him a rather large inconvenience . . . read article

June 14, 2006:
We're changing our DNS server this Friday to correct some recent problems. We don't expect any significant problems, but it may cause temporary glitches in accessing our websites over the following week . . . read article

June 15, 2006:
I'm back. Yesterday was a very, very long day; we started our return trip Wednesday morning, Australian time, flew for more than 12 hours, and arrived in LA on Wednesday morning . . . read article

June 16, 2006:
Yes, yes, we know, the Internet is lousy with buttons. Panic buttons, the button that does nothing, yadda-yadda-yadda, but this button . . . okay, you decide what it does . . . read article

June 17, 2006:
From the "Things Are Moving Along" file: the sample sheets for Cowpoker came in last week. It's always neat to see all the cards, laid out next to each other . . . read article

June 18, 2006:
Kromm and I have divided up the cheering for today's World Cup game. He's going to Brazil in a couple of weeks, so he's rooting for them, of course . . . read article

June 19, 2006:
The proof sheets for Chez Guevara showed up Tuesday . . . read article

June 20, 2006:
Another feature of the new office is the helipad. It's perfect for both the executive copter and the stealth MIB-carrier (shown here) . . . read article

June 21, 2006:
My report to you for 2006 is finally up . . . read article

June 22, 2006:
Congratulations to Aaron Allston, who fans of a certain vintage will remember as a Car Wars guru, and fans of a later vintage will remember as the best Champions GM ever to walk the earth. His new Star Wars novel, Betrayal, has hit the New York Times bestseller list! . . . read article

June 23, 2006:
You don't have to be a GURPS Egypt fan to see what a cool resource the Theban Mapping Project is. If you've ever wanted to see, in dramatic detail, the Cradle of Civilization and the origin of the cabal that controls your fnord to this day, look no further . . . read article

June 24, 2006:
As I worked through the mail that had collected while I was Down Under, I came to the June issue of Comics & Games Retailer. Woot! . . . read article

June 25, 2006:
In 1951, the International Auxiliary Language Association released Interlingua as an international language. In 1998, we released a 32-page distillation of the Generic Univeral Roleplaying System, known as GURPS Lite . . . read article

June 26, 2006:
The Origins International Games Expo is June 28th through July 2nd -- aka this week. Eek! . . . read article

June 27, 2006:
A couple of things flew off to the printer last week. For those keeping score at home, here's the details: GURPS Bio-Tech The Future is Alive "Who needs chrome, pal? . . . read article

June 28, 2006:
GURPS High-Tech is the GURPS Fourth Edition guide to TL5-8 equipment, by Shawn Fisher and Hans-Christian Vortisch. It contains entire chapters on survival equipment, body armor, medicine, and firearms (and how to use them), plus a short selection of vehicles for adventurers . . . read article

June 29, 2006:
When writing up his character sheet, our new Warehouse 23 Troubleshooter provided this character background: Nicholas Vacek was born and raised in rural Minnesota. Due to GM disfavor, he was cursed with below-average Strength and Health scores . . . read article

June 30, 2006:
Jim Baen - yes, THAT Baen, of Baen Books - died June 28 of complications from a stroke. David Drake, at Baen's own request, had written an obituary which covers, at least in broad strokes, the great things that Baen did for the field . . . read article

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