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June 22, 2013: Crowdfunding Focus: Adventures On The Tabletop

Douglas Morse of Grandfather Films is directing and producing a documentary about board games, covering the entire process from concept to table. It covers design, playtest, and manufacture, seeking to give you an in-depth look at how some of your favorite games are made.

It also contains interviews with a number of industry professionals, our own Steve Jackson among them. Funds for the project are mainly going toward the travel expenses necessary to take the crew around the country for more interviews and expanded content.

The Kickstarter ends on June 25. If you ever wanted to get a behind-the-scenes look at the process and impact of board game design, you may want to pledge to this.

-- Leonard Balsera

PS - I enjoyed the interview at Origins. Douglas asks good questions, and does the Annie Liebovitz thing of encouraging his subjects toward non-standard poses. So after doing the interview, and then reading the Kickstarter proposal, we dropped a big chunk of support on the project. Phil Reed, as an individual, is also supporting. So really, I encourage you to look at this project now (it's almost over) and consider supporting. I think it might be a significant help for new designers, both in terms of creating the game and seeking publication. And you guys WANT new designers to succeed, right? Right. (And I expect to learn a thing or two from it, myself.)

-- Steve Jackson

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