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June 27, 2013: Dexcon Next Week

Surely you haven't forgotten that next week is your chance to meet Steve and Daniel at Dexcon in Morristown, NJ, have you? Good!

Then I also shouldn't need to remind you that they'll be arriving in The Garden State with a veritable torrent of Ogre. They'll have samples on hand -- for demos and for just general show and tell. But what you can really get excited about is the Ogre Macrotures event. The good folks at Dexcon will be filling an entire arena with an oversized Ogre game, featuring, as its centerpiece, a two foot long Ogre! Another event will have Steve playing 12 Ogre games simultaneously, attempting to crush 12 command posts at once.

If you have a chance to be at the con, don't miss these!

-- Ben Williams

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