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March 1, 2014: Privateer Play Day


Surely you've heard of Privateer Press? They're the makers of Warmachine and Hordes, among the world's most popular miniatures games -- and personal favorites of yours truly. But they also have a growing line of board and card games, and those are what Privateer Play Day is all about.

So find a participating retailer and mark your calendars for May 4th through the 10th -- that's right: you get a whole week to participate! Then head to your store and pick a game to play. Check out games like High Command, something from the Bodgers line, or Level 7, designed by former SJGames staffer Will Schoonover (he of Munchkin Quest and Zombie Dice fame). There will be free swag for whatever game you choose, so don't miss out!

-- Ben Williams

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