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March 4, 2008: Happy GM's Day!

"GM's Day" was created on EN World's forums several years ago, and since then has grown into an annual excuse for PDF publishers and retailers to run special promotions and deals. This year, e23 will be joining in the fun!

First off, we have a bonus upload for you: the GURPS GM's Screen. This handy-dandy reference screen comes complete with GURPS Update, a character creation guide, and variant character sheets.

Next, we've got a sale! The GM's Screen will normally cost $4.95, but for today (Tuesday March 4) through Friday (March 7), you can grab it for just $1.95.

On top of that, Warehouse 23 has slashed prices on their clearance bin. Check out the list here.

But that's not all. We've also dropped the prices on several other classic GURPS products. For the complete list, see the e23 news page.
-- Paul Chapman

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