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March 5, 2014: What Social Media Do You Use?

Social media sites

Here at Steve Jackson Games, we're trying to get a better feel for how you, our fans, want to interact with us. Speaking personally, I spend about 90% of my personal time on the Internet on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook; there are many people I want to keep up with, and they're distributed throughout the world. But social media sites can also be a great way to keep in touch with people who make the things you like. Do you want to be able to have conversations with the makers of Munchkin or Chez Geek? Social media sites can be a good place to do that, though we know that we can get a lot better at communicating with our fans on these sites.

To that end, we want to find out which social media sites you guys tend to use. If you want to help us communicate with you more effectively, take this survey and let us know where we should be spending most of our time!

-- Brian Engard

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