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March 9, 2018: Munchkin Musings: March 2018

Red Pen Of Doom

The biggest news of the last month was the overwhelming response to the release of the Munchkin Collectible Card Game. Thank you to everyone who attended a launch event, came to see us at Emerald City Comic Con (where we sold out halfway through the show!), or just talked about the game online. You've helped make this our biggest new game launch in years! You can visit munchkinccg.game for news and articles, or hit up the unofficial Facebook fan page, Zapped & Squished, to talk about the game with your fellow fans and whomever from the staff happens to stop by. Oh, and now we have a Discord channel (thanks to Hunter for setting that up).

We'll have lots more to say about the Collectible Card Game in the months to come, and I'm sure you'll start seeing previews of The Desolation of Blarg very shortly! We just sent Fashion Furious to print, so it's on track for an August release. Plus, Sam, Randy, and Devin have been working hard on the third expansion, due out late this year, and I'm very pleased to say that as of last week, it has a title . . . which I can't reveal just yet, even though I'm dying to.

Our end-of-January releases, Munchkin Magical Mess and Munchkin Clowns, have both sold very well - thank you to everyone who picked those up! One thing I don't think we stressed enough on Magical Mess: While it is a companion to Moop's Monster Mashup, it stands on its own; you don't need to mix it with anything to play. You certainly can, if you want to, but it's not necessary.

In February, we announced two new releases for later this year: Munchkin Cheats and Munchkin 9 - Jurassic Snark. Cheats is a lot of fun; we looked at all the ways we could let people "cheat" in Munchkin and wrote a bunch of cards around that theme . . . as well as a few cards to punish the players who cheat a lot. Jurassic Snark is Steve writing jokes about dinosaurs and John drawing them; how could it be anything BUT awesome?

We still have more announcements for things coming up later this year, and I expect quite a lot of secrets will be spilled at the GAMA Trade Show later this month, so keep an eye on our social media and the Daily Illuminator for all of those announcements.

Finally, don't forget that the Kickstarter for Munchkin: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, from our pals at IDW, is running right now. If you haven't backed it, dude, you're missing out on the most radical Munchkin release so far!

-- Andrew Hackard

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