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March 11, 2010: Look At The Dice!

Zombie Dice cup, with both Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice One of the first places you'll be able to play both Cthulhu Dice and Zombie Dice "in the wild" will be will be PAX East. Most of the staff will be carrying a copy around with them (since both games fit inside the Zombie Dice cup, as shown here, it's easy!) so they'll be ready to play any time, anywhere. And given the speed at which the game can be taught, played, and won -- SJ claims to have taught Cthulhu Dice to a group and played twice, all in just seven minutes, but he has Crazy Mad Skillz -- I'm confident you'll be able to find a game as easily as you can find the TableTop Open Play area.

In addition to playing our new dice games, you'll also be able to actually purchase copies. The Complete Strategist will be carrying our games and goodies, and we'll have a couple of displays there, fresh from the rush air delivery. But they won't have many, so if you're dying for a copy, get there early!

(A frequent question regarding conventions is "why don't you take a retail booth to shows anymore?" The smarty-pants answer is "because we're better at running a demo than we are at making change." The longer answer is that retailers are, unsurprisingly, much better at physically selling games than we are. They have the equipment, the supplies, and legal paperwork that makes it all go smoothly. And they know how to make change faster than we do. So we leave the retailing to the specialists.)

Remember: At PAX East, you're very likely going to be standing in a line for a few minutes. Why not pick up a game that can be played while you're waiting in the Queue Room? (And if you're at the head of the line for the MC Frontalot concert on Friday night, I'll be happy to bring my copies over.)

-- Paul Chapman

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