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March 16, 2010: Level 20 Ogre!

Prototype Ogre figure and Munchkin pawns Is this a picture of munchkins about to be crushed by an Ogre, or of a squad of munchkins leading an Ogre assault? Tell us your caption on Twitter: we're @sjgames!

Of course, real Ogre fans recognize the above question as a ruse. The real question is: "What the heck is that Ogre made of?" The answer is "thin wood, laser cut and stickered." Obviously it's a prototype, and alert fans will deduce the source as the upcoming Ogre 6th Edition.

Not up to speed on Ogre 6th? Don't worry, we've been a bit stingy with the details, mostly because our current plan for the release generates consistent "are you sure we can fit all that into one box?" responses from staffers. It'll be bigger -- both in scale and weight -- and more impressive than any previous edition. This will be a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the game's first release, so we were not content just incorporating the maps, units, and rules from GEV. (Yes, Ogre and GEV in one huge box -- I wish Phil had a packaging prototype to photograph, because his current idea is pure genius.)

As the numbers come in, and we nail down details, we'll share whatever we can with you. But it won't be long now . . .

-- Paul Chapman

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