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March 16, 2015: Chi-Fi - I AM NOT GOING

I will not be appearing at Chi-Fi, due to bad communications and non-payment. If you had hoped to see me at that show, I'm very sorry - but the con chair is no longer returning my calls or mail, I haven't even been reimbursed for the plane ticket, and the only other committee member I have ever spoken to could do nothing but refer me back to the chair. I don't know what's going on there, but it will be without me.

I know their website still shows me as a guest. This is incorrect, and if you are acquainted with anyone on the committee, feel free to point that out to them.

It upsets me deeply to cancel an appearance, but spring has come to Texas, the wildflowers are blooming, and now I have six unexpected days to work in the yard. Chicago-area fans, the next time I expect to be in your area is for Brickworld this summer - not as a performer, but as a Lego fanboy - but I'll make sure to be findable.

-- Steve Jackson

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