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March 19, 2010: On The Road!

Randy's not the only one who can pull off a road trip! He, Will, and I are doing an (almost) coast-to-coast journey next week.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we'll hit the GAMA Trade Show (GTS) in Las Vegas. This is the longest-running retailer-focused event in the hobby games industry, and one I've personally attended for ten years straight. We'll chat up the managers and owners of your FLGS, and teach everybody Cthulhu Dice, Zombie Dice, and Revolution!.

On Thursday, we fly to Boston for PAX East, where Jimmie (long-time MIB and our current sysadmin), Phil, and SJ will join us, along with tens of thousands of fellow gaming geeks. This event is less like work, and more like playing games all day. Not that I won't log the time, of course! Unlike GTS, where the attendees are mostly interested in the newest and hottest, at PAX East we'll get a chance to play Munchkin, maybe some Chez games, and whatever else folks want to be entertained with. The TableTop HQ there has a huge library of games from us (and a ton of other publishers).

I'm hoping for a plethora of photos to be uploaded to Twitter, and a Daily Illuminator post or two, while we're out and about, much as Phil did during his Hong Kong trip.

-- Paul Chapman

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