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March 26, 2020: Get Your The Fantasy Trip Fix . . . For Free!


With the growing isolation and quarantining around the country, we thought it would be a good time for our friends and fans to go on an adventure. To that end, we've made some of our favorite The Fantasy Trip content available for free in PDF form. Melee, the first boxed game for The Fantasy Trip, teaches all the basics of combat, and is a perfect start to your campaign. You can expand on it with magic, provided in Wizard, or go on a solo adventure with Death Test 1 & 2, both available in PDF now as well. While the latter two aren't free, you don't need them to start playing, and can add them later. 

If you're looking for a variety of new adventures, The Fantasy Trip 2019 Postcard Contest is a free supplement that provides 40 new adventures, designed to be more compact and easy to jump into. These were submissions to our Hexagram zine series (the most recent issue is available for preorder now), and contains content submitted by fans of the game.

For our more artistic friends, who may also want a bit of background for The Fantasy Trip, O is for Octopus is a free coloring-book PDF featuring the cast of heroes and creatures of The Fantasy Trip world. 

No matter what you're looking for, if you've got some time to kill, why not kill some monsters, too? 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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