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May 3, 2006: Rock Me . . .

So Tom Smith, who is a very silly man, wrote a parody of "Rock Me Amadeus."

He called it "Rock Me Amidala," and it's about . . . just what it sounds like. It is also, in my humble opinion, better than the original in all ways.

But he ends that album with a brief whack at "Rock Me Harry Potter." So I got to thinking of what else you could be rocked by. Oh, my poor disordered brain.



Arowana. (It's a fish. Look it up.)

Anaconda. Anadarko. Ocka Locka. Ostinato.

Appaloosa. Casablanca. Carambola. Coca-Cola.

Spamarama. Yokohama. Llama llama. Cowabunga. Calamari. Katamari. Conestoga.

Hiawatha. Ipso facto. Orinoco. Rosh Hashana. Oingo Boingo. A cappella. Double-dribble. Asmodeus. Avogadro. Lederhosen. Great Cthulhu.

The mind boggles.
-- Steve Jackson

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