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May 5, 2017: Get Cursed At Your Game Store!

Munchkin Curses

Foiled, curses again! Wait, I think I mixed that up. Oh, no, I must have been Cursed! 

It's probably due to Munchkin Curses, our newest booster, featuring 15 Curse-themed cards to add to any Munchkin game (check out our DI about mixing games for more about that). Do you want a more cutthroat, backstabbing game? This pack gives you 12 more Curse cards. If that's not enough, there are also a couple of Monsters, like the Cursor. Don't worry, we aren't heartless! We've included one whole Curse Reverse to help you out. See? We're nice guys! 

You can find Munchkin Curses at your local game store now! Get it soon before you step on a crack, break a mirror, walk under a ladder, open an umbrella indoors . . . 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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