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May 14, 2020: Expand Your Wardrobe With SJ Games T-Shirts!


A gamer's wardrobe can be a bit more eclectic than other people's. Many geeks have shirts that present their various fandoms and hobbies; I know my closet is chock full of them. So we figured there's no better time to let fans of our classic games wear them loud and proud! Our Summer 2020 Shirt Collection on Kickstarter features multiple designs representing some legendary games like GURPS, The Fantasy Trip, and Car Wars. There are multiple designs to start, with more to unlock as we hit stretch goals. Thanks to our awesome fans, we funded on day 1 and unlocked our first stretch goal, the GURPS Robots shirt!

Look forward to more as the campaign continues. (My personal favorite is the Autoduel shirt, which will be unlocked at $7,500.)


Outfit yourself with some SJ Games shirts and show your true colors!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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