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May 17, 2017: SJ Games Is Coming To ACD Games Day!

ACD Games Day

SJ Games will be joining the ACD Games Day festivities May 24-26 in Madison, WI! The dynamic duo of Rhea and Randy are taking Madison by storm, showing off new and upcoming releases. Get a look at Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game, along with the upcoming Ghosts Love Candy and Zombie Dice Horde Edition.

Marketing Director Rhea Friesen will be giving a presentation on our games, as well as our retailer initiatives like organized play and game days! If you can't make the presentation, swing by our booth on the show floor. We can get you signed up for our Store Finder and retailer newsletter to keep up-to-date on SJ Games. 

And of course we'll be showing off games! Come to demo night on Thursday, May 25, to get a hands-on walk-through of our upcoming releases. 

We'll see you at ACD Games Day, May 24-26! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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