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May 18, 2023: Crowdfunding Focus: Goodmire (Delightfully Swampy STL Minis)


The boom in 3D printable miniatures for tabletop gaming continues! We've all seen endless riffs on classic fantasy orcs, goblins, knights, wizards, and even cute (but menacing!) cat people. But the Goodmire project on Kickstarter is, in my memory, unique: a Southern US swamp village, the sort you might find somewhere in the bayou where the walls with the worlds of fantasy have grown thin, where the inhabitants are all anthropomorphic swamp creatures.

Goodmire Swamp Miniatures from Kickstarter

Check out Dorothy Featherspoon, the roseate spoonbill matron. Or Grandma Prawn, with her basket of slugs. And there's the Wet Log Hopping Band, whose lead singer, Jeremiah, is naturally a bullfrog. The creatures are biologically accurate. And they're not the ones you see everyday in KS projects -- the mayor, for instance, is a catfish. A catfish in a suit.
In addition, the project comes with a set of components for building the classic southern "shotgun" house -- interchangeable walls, floors, porches, etc. I'm imagining them as the homes of degenerate cultists in a Call of Cthulhu game, but they have endless possibilities, including in modern towns (there are some, modernized and updated but still recognizable, in the town where I live). This project would be worth the money for those buildings alone.
The project is funding through May 31, so y'all hurry up and back it now!

-- Jean McGuire

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