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May 30, 2023: Tribes On Kickstarter

We have activated the pre-launch page for the Kickstarter campaign for the second edition of Tribes.

In Tribes, you and your fellow players (4 to 8, plus an optional referee) will become cave men and women, facing the challenges of survival in a prehistoric world. Hunt and gather food, craft the basic tools you need, establish tribal laws, and deal with natural disasters, all while protecting and caring for your most precious resource: your children. The goal is simple but vital – have the most children who live to grow up! You have to put your offspring first, but a strong tribe benefits everyone too . . . balancing cooperation and self-preservation is the key.

So it's very much a competitive/cooperative situation.

Along with Dr. David Brin, author of the Uplift series and a whole lot of other excellent SF, I designed this game many years ago (not quite in the Paleolithic, but close). The first edition was well received in a "cult favorite" sort of way but was not formatted for store release . . . it was in a baggie. This edition is deluxe by comparison – mounted mini-gameboards, color counters, and erasable character sheets, all in a (heavy!) Pocket Box.

Please support, please play it, please tell us what you think!

-- Steve Jackson

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