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November 1, 2013: Entirely Too Exciting Day

I woke up early yesterday morning to the sound of water IN my bedroom. Google "Austin Onion Creek flood" if you want details. I packed a bag and waded away.

I wanted to post a picture of the view from the evacuation boat, but it may not happen. The phone took the pics, but that may have been its last act in life. Too bad - they were all dramatic and stuff.

I'm fine. Monica's fine. My Mac is fine. I had not taken my copy of Ogre home yet, so IT is fine. And when I got back into the house tonight the waterline inside was 31", so that means: huge losses, yes, but almost all the really precious stuff was higher than that.

At least one other staff member got water in her house, but as of Thursday night nobody is in danger. The office and the OLF are both well away from the danger zones.

Now moved into a hotel room. Showers are good. I have canceled plans for the next two weekends, but still intend to go to BGG.

Thanks, everyone, for the good wishes and offers of help. Right now there is nothing you can do except be excellent to one another and play Ogre when it shows up. (I saw Kickstarter comments about a relief fund for me. Heartwarming thought but totally not necessary. Hold the idea till someone around you is in need, and help them.)

It is possible that before too long I may ask for some local help to move things into a storage unit, because contrary to my expectations this morning there are still some things to move. But other than that, I am fine, and thanks again to everyone who sent good thoughts.

-- Steve Jackson

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