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November 5, 2021: Girl Genius Interviews Galore

The Girl Genius Sourcebook Kickstarter project has been a great success for us, thanks to all the incredible backers! As it draws to a close, we're fortunate to be able to share some interviews with Steve and with the Foglios, who impart their own unique perspectives on Girl Genius. Phil and Kaja Foglio were kind enough to join us on #SJGamesLive to talk about the origins of the comic, their favorite SJ Games titles, fun convention stories, and everything in between! It was a fun time, and even has some fan Q&A thrown in.

And Steve was interviewed by Really Dicey to get his thoughts on the project.

Check out both interviews, and make sure to back the Kickstarter before it closes on November 8! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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