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November 7, 2011: We Built This City On Stock And Rolls (Of Tape)

City Blocks 4

If you're a Car Wars fan, you're probably already familiar with the first three installments of the City Blocks series available and ready to print from e23: City Blocks, City Blocks 2, and City Blocks 3. If so, you've probably already used these products to print out your own super-sized maps for autoduelling action.

Car Wars City Blocks 4 has all the makings to build a huge arena. However, this time we're taking it to the next level by . . . well . . . taking it to the next level, with the included three-dimensional ramps, bunkers, and overpasses. Plus, you can combine it with City Blocks 3 to make something even more elaborate, such as a gigantic 20-square-foot battleground.

With Car Wars City Blocks 4, you'll be on your way to 3-D excitement . . . no special glasses needed!

-- Steven Marsh

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