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November 8, 2017: Munchkin Stock Update: Get It Now!!!


As we move into the final months of the year, Andrew and I wanted to check inventory numbers and warn you loyal fans of the Munchkin games, expansions, and accessories that are about to vanish from our catalog. All of the following items are down to the last month or two, and none of these are scheduled for a reprint. When these are gone, they may be gone for a year or two . . . or longer!

So: You have been warned. If these are missing from your collection, now is your last chance to get them before aftermarket prices set in and eBay becomes the only source for these Munchkin titles.

If you're in search of Christmas gifts for your friends and family (or just for yourself), we hope that this guides you toward Munchkin goodies you may have otherwise missed. As always, please check your favorite local game store first. If your store doesn't have what you're looking for, then Warehouse 23 may have what you need.

-- Phil Reed

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