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November 10, 2022: Munchkin Witches Kickstarter Closes Today!

The moon has set on the Witchstarter event over on Kickstarter, and with that, the Munchkin Witches project also comes to a close this afternoon. There's still time to back (if you're reading this post on the day it was posted!), so if you haven't checked out the project, you should do that right now! We love doing these mini-expansions because they are an inexpensive way to spice up your favorite deck. This 30-card pack adds a mix of brand new monsters and loot themed around witches, drawn by the amazing Len Peralta, who you may know from Munchkin Clowns and Munchkin Apocalypse Guest Artist Edition

Munchkin Witches

Plus, this is a great chance to add on an assortment of new and upcoming expansions, like Munchkin CowsMunchkin Deathly Pail, and Munchkin Druids. Combined with Witches, these all mix in great with any Munchkin set (which you can also grab through the campaign).

Thanks also to the many backers who supported the campaign already and helped unlock ALL the stretch goals -- an assortment of classic witchy Munchkin cards, redrawn by Len!

Join the coven before Munchkin Witches flies into the night! 

-- Hunter Shelburne


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