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November 11, 2022: FnordCon 6 Virtual & Warehouse 23 Sale Start Today

Attention FnordCon attendees: Today is the day! FnordCon 6 starts today at 6pm Central time. Tune in about 5:00 and make sure your Discord is up and running!

Join us on our Discord server, and check out the schedule for a roster of great panels and events Friday evening and all day Saturday. Tonight we'll start off by hosting an exciting Q&A panel with Steve, Jean, and me. Jump on in and join! And our MIBs will be running demo games of Zombie Dice and Hack & Slash on Tabletopia

Saturday we'll have a big streaming day on Twitch, where Jimmie and I will be playing a couple of games of Car Wars Sixth Edition, and Ben will be having a hobby stream highlighting Ogre Miniatures Set 4. Over on Discord, Will and Devin from the Munchkin team will host a panel about, well, Munchkin! They'll also talk about the game design process. Check out the schedule for more events and all the important times. We're also running a couple of playtests of Tabloids on Tabletop Simulator, some digital games of The Fantasy Trip, and some Illuminati Confirmed demos. Not to mention just hanging and chatting about games in our server. It's like a convention in your living room!

To help simulate that convention vibe even more, we're offering a 13% off discount from now all the way through Monday when you make a purchase through our new Shopify store! Use the code FnordCon22 at checkout; the discount applies to almost all Steve Jackson Games titles on the site. You're helping us test things out by using the new site, plus you'll get that 13% discount and some pretty cool freebies thrown in at various purchase levels. Find all the details here!

Join the FnordCon 6 fun over on Discord

-- Hunter Shelburne

FnordCon 6

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