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November 12, 2023: Wiz-War STL Figures & Accessories Now On Warehouse 23!

Wiz-War STL Figures & Accessories

Did you miss the successful Kickstarter for Wiz-War 3D Printable STL Figures & Busts? Do you look wistfully between your Wiz-War game and your resin printer before wiping the corners of your eyes? Discard your tear-soaked tissue! "Regret" is now banished from your life except as a seven-point Scrabble word. Because the Wiz-War STL Figures & Accessories are now available on Warehouse 23!

This kit offers STL files for your Wiz-War game, in both professionally supported or – for you tinkerers – unsupported formats. It contains eight different figures, including their bases and plates. It also comes with tokens, the Granite Cube, the Thornbush, and portals. Once you print these models on your 3D printer, your Wiz-War game will be the envy of all the other martial-minded mages you might meet. Download them today, from Warehouse 23!

-- Steven Marsh

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